The Changing World of Work

20 years ago we did not have the internet; 10 years ago we did not have Facebook.  The experts tell us to get ready for the challenge of a more flexible, less secure, more collaborative future.

A certain degree of pressure is an essential part of working life for most organisations; every industry experiences a cycle of ‘boom and bust’; periods of high growth; changing technology; buying or selling business; restructuring; cost reduction and redundancy.

These changes challenge us to question how we do things; to alter our perceptions of our environment; and push out our boundaries. People often react adversely to what they perceive as excessive pressure created by a rapidly changing environment.

To manage change effectively you must:

• Create a vision
• Provide leadership
• Engage your people
• Measure progress
• Celebrate achievements

The change process begins by creating a clear picture of what is to be achieved and generating the energy to overcome resistance and doubts. People will resist change and need to be persuaded to come on board, even where there are obvious advantages; they may be suspicious and need to be convinced; making the connection with people creates the incentive to change.

It is important to create momentum; get visible support from key players; remove obstacles and get some early wins. Collaborative problem solving is critical to effective change management -Identifying a problem; involve people in implementing solution; builds confidence; creates momentum and opens up opportunities for more ambitious goals.