Getting the best from your people

In todays ‘do more with less’ working environment it is increasingly important to maximise the use of your resources, particularly your people. Focus resources on what generates value for consumers; eliminate wastage generated by bureaucracy by giving more decision making power to the front line; increase the speed of decision making to save time and focus on those features that provide most value to the consumer.

Managing performance is what a good leader does every day; setting goals and objectives; coaching; developing skills; monitoring performance and acknowledging people’s contribution.

• Defining outcomes, goals and objectives is a key management responsibility.

• Staff reviews and team meetings should be scheduled at regular intervals, where objectives and targets are discussed; issues clarified; individuals should be encouraged to use their initiative.

• Feedback should be encouraged: criticism should be kept to a minimum but where problems arise the causes should be identified and people involved in devising the solution.

• Continuous development is facilitated through formal and informal training; people are encouraged to take on responsibility; undertake projects that stretch them and build confidence.

• The leader must be a good role model; treat people with respect; deal with people fairly and consistently; act on feedback or explain why not.

Vincent has extensive experience of advising CEO’s and senior managers on implementation of performance management programmes to increase productivity; build team work and develop individuals.