Complying with Employment Law

The growth in Employment Law mainly driven by European Directives has impacted on every aspect of the employment relationship, creating a complex set of legal obligations for employers.

The cost of complying with all this legislation is high as the burden of proof imposed by legal and administrative procedures can be time consuming, expensive and create a great deal of stress, particularly for the small employers.

The employer must provide written Terms of Employment, keep detailed records of working time and have procedures for handling grievance and disciplinary issues. There is often a requirement to carry out a detailed review of employee files, working time records and the payroll system over a period of up to 3 years to meet the requirements of an inspection by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation or to mount a defence in an Employment Tribunal.

Vincent can audit your current employment policies and practices and advise on the smart way to comply with your obligations.

There are more than 30 pieces of legislation* creating a statutory floor of employment rights, covering everything from minimum rates of pay to protection from unfair dismissal:

The employee is legally entitled to:

• Statement of Terms of Employment
• Minimum wage rates
• Payslip identifying deduction from wages
• Recording of working hours and rest periods
• Entitlement to Annual leave and protective leave
• Equality of opportunity and reward
• Safe and healthy working environment