• Harassment and Bullying

    19 February 2019
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    Harassment and Bullying – the majority of incidents are not reported!


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    Harassment and Bullying has many underlying causes – abuse of management power; personality clashes; discrimination.

    The majority of incidents of harassment or bullying are not put on the record. Employees may fear the consequence of reporting a supervisor or manager. Colleagues may be reluctant to come forward as witnesses as they fear the consequences for themselves.

    In a recent workplace investigation into a serious incident 15 employees were interviewed;

    – 5 reported being subjected to bullying and abusive behaviour;

    – 5 reported witnessing abusive behaviour in the past 12 months.

    The investigation uncovered a culture which was characterised by lack of co-operation, lack of respect for individuals, failure to accept responsibility, and abusive behaviour.


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