• Social media – the dilemma for employers!

    1 January 2017
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    Social media – the dilemma for employers!



    The impact of social media is blurring the distinction between work and personal life, with most people always connected whether at home or at work.

    Employers may be concerned that some employees use company computers and smart phones for sending emails to friends, accessing social network sites, or even shopping online.

    Monitoring employees’ use of social media might seem reasonable but it may infringe an individual’s right to privacy. Employees have a legitimate expectation of personal privacy which is not overridden by the fact that the phone, laptop, or tablet may be provided by the employer.

    However, the right to privacy may be balanced with the interests of the employer:

    • To prevent abuse of social networking sites, e-mail or text;
    • To protect their business and reputation;
    • To prevent cases of cyber bullying in the workplace.


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